Rare condition that causes video to show loading forever


I test a lot of browsers to ensure websites I maintain are all working as expected. Since Brave is relatively new, I have also been using it for general usage to give it a thorough workout.

Brave is having an error that I have not seen in other browsers. I believe it should be reproducible when the exact same steps are performed. Here they are:

A TV News website posts videos of recent news events (url below). The audio for the video may be on or off; I have not determined any rule that will predict whether the audio will be on or not. It does seem more often than not, that it is turned off, and so the user has to move the mouse point near the bottom left of the video to cause the audio speaker symbol to show up (otherwise hidden). The user has to then maneuver to the bar displayed next to the speaker to turn audio on and depending on the position in the bar clicked, will choose the volume. By the time the user has accomplished this step, the video has been playing for maybe 30 seconds already, so the next step is to move the video progress bar back close to the start of the video in order to hear all of the accompanying audio.

If the video progress ball is moved to the extreme start, it will be to the left of the start of the video progress bar start (ball is hidden from view if the mouse pointer is moved too far to the left). Because it is now “behind” the window that shows the video, releasing the mouse button does not cause the video progress bar to be set to this new location. When the progress bar is released too far to the left, the video does not play. The user discvovers this after a few moments when the video is not playing as expected.

If the user simply moves the mouse pointer to the right (without holding the mouse button down), they will see that the video progress ball is following along, so it was never actually released. The user will have to click when the video progress ball is in the visible area of the display area to get the video to start.

Here is where Brave differs from other browsers. The video will start playing with audio on for all other browsers I have tested this with, … except for the Brave browser. Instead, the Brave browser will show the timer icon rotating as if the video is being buffered up for playing, except it never starts playing no matter how long the user waits. Somehow that initial release of the mouse button while the video progress ball is hidden too far to the left must trigger this odd behavior.

Finally, the only alternative is to “Refresh” the page. This time if the video progress bar is released where it is visible (not behind the left edge of the video frame), the video will play. If the audio has been turned on, the audio will be heard.

I am sure there may be several websites that display video may have the same results, however the TV news website I have experienced this with is https://www.actionnewsjax.com

i hope this helps.


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