Randomly opening new instance of Brave just for clicking on tab


Sometimes when I click on random tabs, an entirely new instance of Brave will open, stealing that tab over to the new instance, along with duplicate versions of the previously open tabs. It’s really frustrating. If I’m watching YouTube, the tab is stolen into the new instance, forcing me to close that instance, reopen YouTube in the original instance, go through my YouTube viewing history and reopen the video in its own tab.

Like I said, very frustrating.


Hi @ShadeDraws,

Thanks for reporting! There’s an existing thread about this one. You can find it here Oh my god stop with the tabs to new windows and this one Browser tabs open up in a new window far too easily.

Maybe this one can help for now

And this issue is about improving the sensitivity. I add your comment as +1 and you can track it here:

Hope this can help,
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