Randomly missing Brave App icon on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.6) (Brave 0.24.0)

Hi guys,

So as the title suggests, somehow seemingly at random my Brave app icon disappeared (see attached screenshots on imgur) and has now defaulted to the generic app icon. I haven’t done much troubleshooting and I’m sure I could get it to come back by simply reinstalling the browser. But I’m just sharing this here as it seems the right thing to do? :slight_smile:

As a side note: I did have a synchronized brave browser on another Mac. This was my Mac at work. And work is upgrading me to the newer iMac Pro next week, so at the end of this week I have wiped everything less work related from the computer–including Brave browser. I don’t know if this is connected or not. But the timing seems oddly coincidental that when I deleted a sync’d Brave browser from a separate Mac, the next thing I know the app icon is missing on my personal Mac. Again, I don’t know if it’s connected to this bug or not. But I figure any bit of info could be worthwhile to share!

Actually this is still an issue for me after uninstalling and reinstalling. Anybody have any thoughts? How could my app icon have been corrupted somehow?

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