Randomly Freezes Since Doing Update



Ever since updating my browser to 0.15.310 I get a weird bug where when I open brave and add new tabs then close them, eventually the browser will just freeze and not let me click on anything.


@JIMSTEVO could you let me know what operating system version you are on and how much RAM you have?

Also how many tabs do you have open?



Similar issues. Tab that is open when first opening the browser doesn’t respond at all; have to open a new tab and then that one is responsive. First tab has to be closed; never comes alive. Nothing works on a dead tab, clicking bookmarks etc. is unresponsive. Once starting new tabs, everything seems to come back alive.

It was worse just after the update, the tabs that were supposed to reload were just blank pages and wouldn’t reload. Browser was unresponsive for a few seconds before you could do anything, after that had to close the tabs and restart, and it started to refresh the new tabs against the startup website. Any way to go back to prior update?


Windows 10, new / cleaned up computer, only one tab, this is not a computer issue.

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