Random tab switching when closing current tab

Description of the issue:
When closing a tab, I’m either taken back to the previous active tab or a random tab.

Expected result:
I would expect to go to the next tab to the right. I have searched the community and it seems to have been an issue before. There was mention of a “Tab” preference but I’m not seeing that section/option/feature in the version I’m running.

Reproduces how often:
Every time I close a tab.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
MacOS 10.14.6, Brave version 0.67.124 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information
Also running Workona Chrome extension to help manage tabs.

Thank you for reaching out to us. On my end, when a tab is closed, the tab to the right will takes its place unless there are no tabs to the right of the tab closed – in which case, the tab to the left will take it’s place. This is the intended behavior.

You mention Workona (cool extension – I’ve never seen it before!) being used and it’s very likely that this is causing the issue. Can you try disabling the extension and relaunching the browser to test and see if this changes the behavior at all? If tab behavior starts working as intended when the extension is disabled, I’ll install and dig into the extension itself and see what may be causing this issue.

Hey Mattches, thanks for the quick reply. I disabled Workona and the issue still seems to persist.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I disabled Workona
  2. Restarted Brave
  3. Came to this page
  4. Opened 4 tabs to the right
  5. Visit new tab #2 (with #3 & 4 more to its right)
  6. Close tab #2

When I close the tab, I’m taken back to this page, not the next tab.

This just started happening when I updated to the most recent version, maybe a week or so ago? I also did a reset in brave://flags just to be safe, too.


Very strange indeed. Would you mind sharing a short screen recording of the behavior? Here’s what I see on my end:

  1. Initially I’m focused on the tab that contains this thread.
  2. I then open a new tab and visit brave.com – this is now the tab in focus.
  3. I select the tab to the left of the newly opened tab
  4. I then close this tab, which collapses the row and focus shifts to the tab to the right (brave.com)

Can you show me what happens on your end when you perform similar steps (they don’t have to be exact)?

Actually – cancel that last post. I believe the behavior you’re seeing is a [child] tab closing and returning your focus to the parent tab.

For example, if on this page now, you middle-click or ctrl + click on the lion icon on the top left, it will open the home page of this forum in a new tab (the child). Now, regardless of that tabs position, once it’s closed it will always return focus to the parent tab.

To test this:

  1. Middle/ctrl-click the brave logo to create a new child tab.
  2. Open tabs of other websites if you don’t have some already – any number.
  3. Drag child tab to any position in the tab row.
  4. Close the child tab and observe focus returned to the parent (which should be this thread :wave:)

Ah, yes that seems to be what’s happening. Is this something that can be turned off? I’m not a fan of it and it’s frustrating to have to constantly be jumping back and forth rather than just going to the next/previous tab.

Here’s a typical situation for me that used to work, but now is not:

Scenario A:

  1. From site #1, command-click a link to open tab #2
  2. Close tab #1 and go to tab #2 (on the right)
  3. Command-click link in tab #2 to open tab #3
  4. Close tab #2 and go to tab #3 (on the right)

Scenario B:
From a pinned tab, command-click links to tabs #2 & #3
Got to tab #2, close it, goes to tab #3.

What’s happening with this new behavior is that I have to keep jumping back and forth between parent and child tabs, and some times if I click on another tab that was already created beforehand, that becomes the new parent. So it’s super frustrating to expect to go down the list of tabs but instead, jump around to parents without knowing what the parent is.

Thanks for the help!

I don’t believe there’s any way to change this behavior at this time – however, it’s not a terrible feature to have. I’d suggest leaving it in our Feature Request section of Community :slight_smile:

That’s really too bad. It has gotten extremely frustrating the last couple of days and really shouldn’t be happening in my opinion. I’m definitely going to suggest to have an option to turn it off because it’s making me reconsider using Brave.

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