Random Auto-Contribute charge to Uphold account while disabled on all devices

Today I was hit with a 20 BAT charge to @BravePublishers despite all of my connected browsers having been run with Auto-Contribute disabled, as they have been for several months. There was no email sent of record of this charge on my Uphold-connected email, only my monthly earnings, and this charge appears to be a glitch of some kind.

One thing of note is that I have my Uphold account connected to four separate Brave installations, two on Linux and two on Windows devices, all of which are running the latest version, and all of which have their Contribution records empty and Auto-Contribute still disabled. Any help with getting this refunded or at least figured out would be much appreciated!

Attempting to contact refunds@brave.com led to a response that it was closed, and this appears to be the next best place to go for help.

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