Random amounts in my "Brave Rewards"

In the last 24 hrs I’ seen reported on my home page:
4.o BAT
5. bat
52 BAT
and back to 4.2 BAT

When I click the triangle in the address bar it NEVER agree with what’s reported on the home page widget. Right now my HP says 4.28 and the Triangle 5.24. This is at least close - sometimes the’re off by several 100%.

It doesn’t seem hard to look up the amounts from the same source to me as someone with a few decades of software dev work for banks behind me.

This has nothing to do with amounts shifted to my UpHold account. This just goes on all month like this.

You guys take this as a financial tool - taking the amounts as seriously one should with money… OR NOT?

for me


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No reply from Support? I still see this from time to time.

I still have a difference of about 100% between my rewards as reported under the icon in the Address bar (5.8 BAT) and the Home Page Card (11.2 BAT).

I’d take a screenshot but the Icon window disappears when I click away to launch my screenshot tool so you’ll have to take my word for it.

This one is earning estimation. Should show the same amount with the one under brave:rewards > Ads section.

And this one is the one that already paid to your Rewards wallet. Should shoe the same amount with brave:rewards > Wallet section (the one in the right, have similar design with Rewards panel).

So yes, both will show different balance. Tge earning estimation will be paid to your Rewards wallet in the next payout.

Hope that make it clear for you.

Thanks for your reply.

The 11 bat is as you describe. Both amounts agree.

The 5 .805 BAT is not. My Wallet section shows all 0’s

My Uphold wallet shows I have 70bat and my last payment from Brave was 5.68 bat.

Further - may I suggest labeling these better? In the Icon/Wallet section it’s not in the slightest clear what’s being reported, my last received amount? my total bat? my last transaction? I’m more confused because the number has increases in the last 2 weeks by roughly 0.4bat but no transactions in that amount show up on my Uphold.


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