RAM Usage on new M1X MacBook Pro

Is anyone else experiencing extremely high RAM usage on the new M1X chip MacBook Pro that was released a few weeks ago? It seems unusually high that I’m using up almost 20 GB of RAM (200MB - 1 GB per tab) whereas on my 2019 MacBook Pro I opened up the same tabs (and it used up around 6 GB – 100-300 MB per same tab). Is there a reason that the same tab would take so much more RAM usage? And I’m guessing from an overall RAM usage that my 2019 MBP is fully using up the 8GB RAM and then storing the rest of stuff in slower SSD memory?

i am experiencing this… I cannot even reach out to Brave to resolve this. Horrible Platform.

I’m also expiencing this on my 2021 14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro chip with 16GB RAM. The reason I switched to Brave Browser was because Safari was always alerting me of pages using too much energy or RAM, and I had several instances where I ran out of system RAM. I think there may be a bug in macOS Monterey 12.0.1 on the M1, because this isn’t the first I’ve heard of this issue. It’s worse with Brave Browser, though, than even Safari. Finally installed CleanMyMac to alert me and clean my unused RAM.

It appears that Apple has fixed the issue with memory leaks in Monterey with 12.1 beta 4. I’ve installed this on my 14" MacBook Pro M1Pro, and it’s working great. No more running out of system RAM and you can actually see App Memory go back down with system usage.

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