RAM Usage is Off the Charts, Why?


Actually, I was just about to edit what I wrote to include this & you were too fast LOL

Right now my memory is at 80% & it says it’s due to Brave, & I don’t mean my tabs (otherwise it would show me), but the browser itself.

It’s at 1,725,476K which is way too high.

So that’s proof right there that there’s issues with the browser, right?


lool no problem

is that from the brave task manager or the windows task manager

maybe yes maybe no

but you can not know unless you know the cause as we play with many factor here
maybe the brave maybe a conflict with certain app maybe issue with the os

so if they could not reprduce the error of the bug then how they can fix it

and you very welcome

Brave & the Windows one, but I usually look at the brave one.