RAM starvation w/ bookmark sync

Description of the issue: Trying to sync bookmark changes from one machine (Host-A) to a second machine (Host-B) causes RAM starvation on both the source and target – Host-A & Host-B respectively. The RAM of both machines becomes slowly occupied at the rate of about 150MB-per-second and continues until the available RAM is sub-100MB. At this point, a sharp increase in memory pressure is observed until such time that the machine becomes nearly unresponsive until Brave is closed.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Initial conditions on both Host-A & Host-B: (a) Brave installed w/ no bookmarks; (b) sync enabled between both machines.
  2. Import several hundred bookmarks from an HTML bookmarks file on Host-A.
  3. Check to see that the bookmark adds are syncing across to Host-B.
  4. Sit back and watch.

Expected result: All bookmarks are imported properly on Host-A without excessive RAM utilization; all bookmarks are sync’d from Host-A to Host-B without excessive RAM utilization.

Brave Version: 1.19.90 on both machines.

Additional Information: Host-A is running macOS High Sierra v10.13.6; has 12-core Xeon + 64GB RAM. Host-B is running Catalina v10.15.7; has 4-core i7 + 16GB RAM.

The test has been repeated 3+ times - all with the exact same results.

Additionally, I have tested by deleting (rather than adding) the several hundred bookmarks with the exact same set of results.

UPDATE: The image shows the kernel_task and Brave Browser Helper processes less than 5M after a bookmark sync start.

The kernel_task process typically occupies about 5GB of RAM when this is not occurring.


Installed v1.19.92 – issue still exists.

do you tried to sync using brand new profiles? (first make a backup of your two current profiles, then export your current bookmarks, create two new profiles, import bookmarks and try to sync).

Yes - trying a brand new profile was tested - same result. Again, the issue occurs on several machines with 3 different versions of macOS: High Sierra, Catalina, & Bug Sur.

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