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Wondering why Brave uses so much memory. The app and its many little ‘Helpers’ is using around 2.17 GB - about 40% of the total memory being used. Is this normal? My Brave version is 0.20.30 and I’m using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3.

Optimize browser startup

Its a good idea to regularly clear all data from brave [except passwords, if you wish to]
Also, if you plan to just surf around the web, like watching a couple of videos from Youtube or passing through some forums & general surfing, I personally prefer using incognito mode ONLY.

Speaking of RAM, Brave is a chromium based browser & yes it does take a noticeable amount of RAM. Most chromium based browsers do [Opera, Comodo Dragon, Chrome…] However in your case, 2.17 GB of Random Access Memory is much more than normal. Please make sure you have installed only useful extensions as they usually tend to slow down your browser load-up & take a bulk amount of memory. If you still face the issue, try a fresh re-install of brave & if the memory problem still exists, feel free to ping back on brave community :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’m not aware of having installed any extensions. Will try using incognito mode - hadn’t heard of it before!



I have noticed Brave uses a lot of memory too. In my Mac Activity Monitor I see that Brave, with only this one tab, is using 229 MB of memory, while Chrome only uses 54MB. I also see 4 processes called Brave Helper which make up another 300MB or so.


This is my tally today: Brave app 340.9MB, plus 8 ‘Helpers’: 164.5, 98.6, 98.2, 82.0, 79.7, 45.0, 22.9 and 15.3! grand total: 947.1MB

I’d like to know what all these ‘helpers’ are doing. I’d like to stick with Brave, and after doubling my RAM recently (still only 8GB) Brave doesn’t seem to be slowing everything down, but its massive toll doesn’t inspire me with confidence in its efficiency.


Hi there! I am a new user, but I think I can help. The memory usage is typical to Webkit/KHTML-based browsers. Brave is so fast, because it tries to cache all the data for fast rendering.

How to keep your usage small? Well, you should install an extension for that. I know, I know, Brave currently does not support 3rd party extensions - officially*, but there is a way to replace any existing extension with one from chrome store. Please look up on youtube for the video. I am using and recommend using the “Tab Suspender” - set offload to about 10 minutes and enjoy. It works perfectly and will easily reload the tab should you return to it. Brave is typically using 0.5-1GB on my system. Yes, this means most of the webpages I work this are offloaded, but I am not typically concentrating on more than two tabs anyway and tend to keep their amount to minimum, using simple text file to paste my weblinks.

*In my opinion Brave absolutely should start supporting 3rd party extensions. This will is the only front where it is lacking. Current method works, but it is limited and unofficial.

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