Rakuten Extension Does Not Return To Site

Installed Rakuten extension (formerly Ebates).

When I visit a website where they offer a discount, a notification displays in the righthand corner that I can click to enable it. Rakuten will go away from the page to display a little banner saying it’s opening the shopping trip. Normally (in Chrome), this process takes a second or two and returns to the website saying the shopping trip is enabled.

In Brave, the banner seems to get stuck - it never returns to the store website.

It’s supposed to return to the store website.

This is occurring every time with every store site I visit that is part of the Rakuten program.

Windows 10, Brave 0.67.124

I could not find anything else on this subject, and assume it has to do with some obscure setting in Brave that I could not find or associate with this behavior.

Thank you,

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