Quitting BRAVE triggers full (system) restart. BRAVE then reloads with only half of the previously-open windows

When I attempted to quit and restart BRAVE after noting several performance issues (and high ‘swaps’ in Activity Monitor even though memory was still in the ‘green’), the ‘quit’ aborted and triggered a full system reset.

When BRAVE reloaded, fewer than half of the windows I’d had open prior to quitting reappeared.

They do display as ‘recently closed’ tab groups under HISTORY.

Question is: Why were the seen as ‘Recently Closed’ (since I didn’t close them)?


Because the browser was quit/closed and those tabs were open at that time. Therefore they are now categorized as Recently closed

@mattches Thanks but why were those windows treated any differently than the others?

Just under half of the windows opened normally.

The ones that didn’t open (though they were accessible for reopening in History) had no distinguishing parameters I’m aware of.

It also isn’t normal behavior for open tabs to be categorized as ‘Recently closed’ when the browser is quit/closed. ‘Recently closed’ means the user proactively closed them. Quitting the browser doesn’t do that.

And if you choose the browser ‘setting’ to restore previously open windows/tabs, the windows/tabs that were open when you quit will repopulate when you reopen the browser.

UPDATE . . .

I’ve since become aware that some windows/tabs that were still active did not display in either the WINDOW dropdown or in the Recently Closed listing in the HISTORY dropdown.

I discovered these were still ‘active’ (i.e., ‘open’) when I reloaded one of them and then noticed (through a Google Docs flag) that it was a duplicate (i.e., also open in another window).

This could have been a fluke event (might not be repeated) but I suspect that it was connected to the fact that my selection of ‘quit’ in Brave triggered a full system reset. That’s not normal.

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