Quite some feedback


I’m a web designer/developer myself which works well with my first suggestion, i was hoping there could be some design updates where maybe the tabs align better in color with the very top bar, maybe a more flat design in general to fit in with the very popular material design, i mean Liri Browser got a lot of attention for the gorgious design, and with the features of Brave, it would be an unbeatable combo. Oh and last thing design-wise (i think ;p), could you possibly make the volume icons just pure grey so it fits in somewhat with the rest of the designs.

Moving on to features, multiple window support could get a lil’ faster, overall booting the browser and opening multiple tabs could aswell for a more smooth user experience. Next up feature-wise, customization, why not allow the user to more the less design the entire thing? For example i dislike the blue border around the browser, even though it’s very thin, it certainly annoys me, i would also like make the adress-bar only display when i click it, not when i hover, since i want this more material design, flat experience whilst some may prefer the current design, maybe you could allow users to get to that themselves by built in and simple customization with future support of themes/presets.

Another thing would be better support for developers, maybe add the developer tools the same way Chrome attaches it to the window instead of a pop-up at least?

Oh and last but not least, the feature everybody wants, extensions. Maybe just make it so you can move extensions from the Chrome folder to the Brave installation folder to at least fairly easy get your favorite extensions, as a start?

Sorry for the overwhelming feedback, i understand developing takes time and whatnot so ya’ll take your time with it.

Kind Regards,
Adam Ericsson


Hi, thanks for the feedback.

On the design issue, it’ll be addressed if you could give us a mockup if you have it.

the perf issue is just under investigation.

the blue border will be removed / moved to an option if there are many users who complain about it, still I don’t think they are.

UI customization is on our TODO list and will be implemented in a future. So is the devtool docking.



I don’t like a border as well.