Quirky startup page behavior

It seems that configuring a startup page exhibits some strange behaviors.

Edited out some information that was incorrect

  • I have google set as my startup page. When I open my first instance of Brave using the Windows shortcut, it opens to google as expected.
  • However, if I already have an instance running, clicking the shortcut opens a new instance of Brave as expected, but loads a blank page.
  • Clicking the ( + ) icon to start up a new tab also uses a blank page.
  • Also, when I open the first instance of Brave using a startup page, all my desktop icons flicker as shown in cap. That’s quite strange. They do not flicker when opening another instance of Brave or starting a new tab with ( + ).


Startup tabs

Just tested this myself. Confirmed about the desktop icons flickering. Mine isn’t quite as bad as yours appears to be (although that might just be due to the gif format), just a very quick flash. We’ll see how that develops over time.

I can’t reproduce the issue with the start page though. I opened a new Brave window, which displayed the new tab screen as expected. What Windows are you using? Latest Beta Build (0.56.5)?

I am using Windows 7 and just now upgraded my Brave beta to this:

Version 0.56.5 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

The startup issue still exists. However, you said that you opened a new Brave window, but you also need to make sure you have at least one other Brave instance already running to truly test this one. As shown in my screen cap, if I have no other instances of Brave running, the first instance always behaves as expected. It’s the consecutive instances that fail to open my startup page.

As for the flickering, it seems that the browser is somehow forcing a refresh of the desktop. Whatever it is, I think it should raise concerns of some kind since a web browser should have no legitimate reason to have such an explainable effect on the OS (even as superficial as this one may be). I don’t foresee this as being an issue that will develop into a self-resolved state over the course of time.

I tested the new window behavior the same way you described. Window open, goes to start page, pen new window, new window/new tab page appears. Tbh it might be because you’re using Win7.

Looking into desktop refresh now.

I framed this question incorrectly. I just confirmed that the flickering still occurs if I do not set a start page. It most likely has to do with the very first instance of Brave itself.

Therefore, this issue may have to be split into two separate issues. Let me know if you need me to create a new one and then edit this one.

I am now using 0.56.7 and am still experiencing both issues (the desktop icon flickering and startup page opening only on the initial instance of Brave).

Can at least the startup page issue be escalated to someone else on the dev team? It seems that you are unable to reproduce it, but someone else might. And have you found anything about the desktop icon flickering?

I haven’t seen anyone else report on the desktop flickering.

The startup page issue is not an issue. The setting you’re configuring is as the title says:

On Startup --> Open a page(s) --> Page = https://website.com/

The setting only applies to a fresh Brave process. After that, its no longer “startup/launching” and opening a new page is the same thing as opening a new tab. If you wanted that behavior to change, what you’d need to do is configure Brave to open a new tab to a specific page:

I don’t think there should be any difference between the initial browser instance and consecutive new windows/tabs. Maybe you as a developer are able to draw technical distinctions between 1) the initial launch/load of the Brave assembly and 2) consecutive launches of the exe that bypass the usual initialization processes. To the end user, however, a new browser window and new browser tab are one in the same. The only difference is that a tab is a browser window within a host window. It’s a display thing and nothing more. There should be no functional difference.

Chrome works like I expect. No matter what nth instance I am opening as a new window or tab, it always uses the startup page I specify. I can’t imagine a time when a user would want their startup page to load only on the initial instance and not all consecutive instances.

Besides, you say:

The setting only applies to a fresh Brave process. After that, its no longer “startup/launching” and opening a new page is the same thing as opening a new tab.

Each Brave instance is its own separate process. If what you’re saying were correct, opening a new window would always result in the startup page loading, but it doesn’t.

And I see you posted links re: configuring new startup tab, but I don’t see anything that tells me how to do this in Brave other than a link to an extension that appears to not have been approved by Brave. I currently do not require a Chrome extension that brings me the functionality I am looking for.