Before closing the browser and being calm with everything started on Instagram, Twitter, twitch., Gmail; after a while I close and when I go back in I have to log back in to each social network, how can I solve it???

Antes de cerrar el navegador y estar tranquilo con todo, empezó en Instagram, Twitter, twitch., Gmail; Al rato lo cierro y cuando vuelvo tengo que volver a iniciar sesión en cada red social, como soluciono esto???

joacomar ,

Recognize that you are the troubleshooter.

Be determined to study, and to write down your every discovery that works, or not, so that you can map out an array of the settings that work for each website. There will be a lot of trial and error.

You will help yourself greatly, by becoming a master of all the settings at:





You need to figure out, what needs to be Enabled, Disabled, or entered in some fields.

And learn about the Brave Browser Shields settings. What array of them, is necessary to both, afford you some protection, but NOT block some javascript that is needed for your objective.

Then there is some mystery regarding the Screen Saver and some applications. There are occasions when the Screen Saver is enabled while an application is running . . . and that application, or some process of it, will (for some reason) NOT function well “behind” that Screen Saver [display].

So, that “some process” stops working properly. (This can happen, if you start up Brave Browser from the command line and use the “–incognito” flag. The Screen Saver and/or the computer can freeze.)

Overall, it takes a lot of work - by you - to set up, in order to satisfy your objective.

When, an alternative is, that you recognize, that “Closing” or “Exiting” or “Quitting” an Internet browser, is most often viewed by a website, as your having Logged Out.

So, possibly, if, during the day, you want to maintain your Logged In status, then do not “Close” / “Exit” / “Quit” your Internet browser. Keep your computer running, and prevent it from going to Sleep. And, set your Screen Saver to require your username and password, upon your return to your computer.

While taking into account, that some websites will automatically Log you Out after “n” numbers of minutes, because of your inactivity.

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