QuickTweet - Seamless Twitter Account Switching


Hi - I mange five non-commercial Twitter accounts for several charities and in Chrome I use QuickTweet to quickly switch between accounts. I am wholeheartedly committed to moving to Brave but this will be a sorely missed extension.

Thank you.

QuickTweet provides a button on your toolbar to allow you to quickly switch between stored twitter accounts without having to logout and login to the different accounts.


I manage only two accounts and session tab manages things nicely. Try it out.


Thanks vdb, what is session tab?


A session tab represents an entirely new user to the visited website.
Brave maintains a specific set of cookies and internals for that tab separate from the rest of the opened tabs.
You get to it through the hamburger menu on the right.


Thank you, that would work but it would mean me having 5+ tabs open. An immediate solution yes, and a great one but QuickTweet would be better.