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As a chrome user the main selling points for me to use chrome has been the ability to quickly search almost any site with their built in search engine. I’ve been using the Brave browser as my daily driver and I’ve been loving everything about it, however there are only two features that only chrome has that I’m very dependent on and I’d love to have added to this (so far awesome) browser.

  1. Using a website’s search engine straight through the URL bar: Very few people know about this feature but I’ve grown attached to it: When you type in a URL, for example youtube.com, and hit Tab, chrome would instantly switch to search mode and searches the entered website for keywords you type right after the URL. This allows users to quickly search said site.

    As far as I know Google Chrome is the only web browser that has this feature and I’d love to see that change. This works on almost every site with a built-in search engine.
  2. Quickly reopening closed tabs. I’m aware that you already have this feature incorporated: After closing a tab, pressing Control + Shift + T would allow you to quickly reopen the closed tab. However this does not work if you completely close the browser and then try to reopen the tab.

These two features have been the main reason I never switched off Chrome. If I do see them in Brave I would gladly take Brave over anything else.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully responding!


we are working on improvement of the search stuff but at first we have implemented shortcut keys like :yt to search something on Youtube. eg., :yt brave browser searches brave browser on youtube and :g brave browser does the same thing on Google.

If you have anything to suggest, please go through the community and our official issue tracker and see what is not suggested yet:

That issue is known and will be fixed in a future.


@suguru @Wtfitsaduck Tab to search/Open search (#1) suggestion is logged here: