Quick note on late payouts


Hi everyone,

There is a select number of publishers who have had their payouts delayed this month. The plan was initially to do a late manual payment by the end of last week. However, we are still putting together a press release + email regarding our Uphold verification changes (learn more here) before we send out this payment, so everyone who has been waiting should get paid out early next week, provided there are no problems! As always feel free to ask me any questions and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Pending payouts is still the same


We will no longer be doing a 2nd payout for publishers who missed out on their payments last month. Since it’s run so late, (the team is spread very thin right now) we will be rolling the balances over and paying everyone whose payment is still pending during the next payout period (~Feb 8th).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please keep in mind that Rewards is still very much in beta and that we are working every day to improve the system.


podra decirme si tengo todo bien para ecibi mis token


buenas tarde quiero saber porque no me han llegado los bat a mi editor amigo por favor aun persiste el problema espero su pronta respuesta gracias

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