Questions to Admins

Hello i have a some questions. At the beginning i want to sorry for my bad english. I have a bad situation today, because my account has been suspended. I know u are testing a new anti-fraud system but the system was wrong. Each must have yt account, own website or reddit account to be a publisher. I don’t using those methods to promote u but i created yt channel to be a publisher. I invite people on forums, games platforms etc. My channel don’t have a lot of subscribers and views. When I invited people to download brave i redirected their to yt video to download brave from link in description. I used this method 3 months and earlier it wasn’t a problem, but now system blocked my account. Its really disappointing. I will write e-mail to you and excuse all but i have a few more questions.

  1. If my account is under review Can I keep promoting brave ? My referal link is active ? I know i didn;t do anything wrong and I’m counting on positive consideration of my case. After unblock in my panel i will be have downloads and installs from June ?
  2. When account is under review and i will be receiving confirmations I will get money for this or everything will be lost ? Ex. If during 06.06-30.06 people will be confirm me money i will get bats after unblock ?



@eljuno Can u answer ?

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