Questions: Sync, Account, Creators, Ad Privacy

I had four questions about Brave awards.

  1. Are there plans to include the Brave awards in sync where what websites you favor for automatic tips every month will be synced between all mobile and desktop devices?

  2. If I install Brave on another device, how can I gain access to my current BAT wallet with my new installation of Brave?

  3. Am I able to easily auto contribute to and give BAT to specific YouTubers, Twitter Users, Minds Users, Gab Users, Bitchute Users by simply viewing their content or visiting their social media channels?

  4. Do the ads see what sites I am visiting and will present me an ad that is related to the website. For example if I am on NewEgg looking at computer hardware, will Brave know this and possibly show me a computer ad?

I am new to Brave Rewards and want to have a full understanding of this.