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Brave browser getting releases in different release categories in the github page. Release channel, beta and developer.
There is no updates on developer channel.
Release channel and beta channels are getting updated frequently. Generally speaking the order close to the stable release is; release channel, beta channel and then developer channel. Version numbers for other browsers (eg., Opera) follows this trend. This means developer version is full of experimental features (higher version number), then beta (different version number) and then release channel (lowest version number). This is the general norm i have seen for many products.

But for Brave the version numbers are stuck for certain channels and then moved up the ladder infrequently. For example Beta channel has 0.23.14 and then release channel has versions 0.23.15 to 0.23.19. There was no update on Beta channel during this time. Now beta channel is updated to 0.23.21. In general terminology, Beta channel should always be up in the ladder compared to release channel. But that is not the case here. Otherwise beta channel 0.23.14 is already up in the ladder as opposed to release channel 0.23.15-0.23.19.

I know these things do not matter for most of the people who download brave from the website directly. For others who test earlier version this is confusing. Hope some one clarify this.
This is not a big deal. I just wanted to bring this point here. Thanks.


Thanks for this great question @nellaiseemai! :slight_smile:
cc @clifton or @kamil for more proper answer.

But this is what I’m understand so far. The reason why Beta version is 0.23.21 and not on 0.24.x is because they plan to release a hotfix for 0.23.x. I’m pretty sure, once the hotfix be releases, Beta version would be 0.24.x.


Today there is another release - release channel v0.23.31

But the last beta version is v 0.23.21 which is what I am using.
But it looks like this release channel v0.23.31 leapfrogged the beta channel.
To check the updates now I need to have release channel installed as well.

Instead this should be updated in the beta channel as well so that just by installing beta channel I should able to get update from release channel and others which comes after the beta channel.

Thanks a lot
cc @clifton @kamil


Hi there @nellaiseemai

I usually create the builds for Brave and I apologize for not keeping the channels as up-to-date as possible. We should have a new beta released soon :slight_smile: Right now, creating these builds is a manual process (which is why things get behind sometimes).


BTW, to answer your original question:
Our long term goal will be to use automation to have up-to-date releases for each channel. We’re just not there yet


Thanks for your feedback.
I understand it involves lot of work already building the browser and maintaining these things as well.
That was just my observation and I just wanted to let the people know.
Right now I use both beta and release channel and really enjoy it.

I have another question as well. I remember there was one developer version in the github page long back. Does it get updated?
cc @eljuno


Now there is a latest release from release channel. v 0.23.39 whereas the beta channel stuck at v 0.23.32.
Muon is up to date on the release channel 7.1.6 whereas on Beta it is 7.1.5.

This tells me that at some point beta channel is ahead of the regular channel but on other times regular channel is ahead of beta channel. If beta and developer channel are being released to test the work flow of the browsers. But generally with other browsers beta and developer channel are ahead of release channel in all aspects (Firefox nightly vs Firefox or Chrome vs Chrome Canary).



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