Questions, comments, concerns about brave (PDF, tabs, window crashing)


Hello everyone. I’ve recently made the switch from chrome/firefox and I’m most likely staying thanks to braves absolutely fantastic anti-popup features with the ability to turn it off when needed with EASE.

I do have a few points of contention that I haven’t been able to work around so here we go.

  1. Attempting to open a pdf file with brave leads to nothing happening with the most recent version. If I open a folder, right click, and try to open a .pdf with brave or even set it as the default .pdf program just nothing happens. Its obvious brave has the guts neccesary to use .pdfs as you can open up anyone on the web. I do have a workaround for it which is just using “file:///filepathhere” but thats a bit clunky. Any word on when this will be changed or is this a bug?

  2. Crashed tabs are not able to be closed or dealt with in any manner. I leave brave open for very long periods of time, days even, and sometimes tabs just crash, I think thats acceptable due to my usage but I have to restart the browser and even though I have a solid PC it takes a minute to open brave back up and redo all my tabs

  3. Tabs in general feel a bit clunky. They’re usable for sure but perhaps a but too thin vertically and it seems like the treshold for making a new window out of a tab is a bit too sensitive as I constantly just hold click on a tab for a millisecond too long and move my cursor and theres a new window. Tab movement between each other is almost solid but a bit stiff for my liking

I don’t want this to come off as complaining, I wouldnt be using yall’s program if I didn’t think it had a solid base and didnt think it would improve. Keep up the work and I cant wait to see how it transforms in the coming months


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