Questions about using brave wallet in open sea and others nft web sites

Hello! I just want to ask some questions about brave wallet. I never used before, although I use Brave since May 2021.

Firstly in the new version (v1.42.88) is saying - “Fixed webcompat issue on sites when default cryptocurrency wallet provider is set to “Brave Wallet (prefer extensions)”.” Now if I want to open an account in Open Sea, should I follow these steps Connecting to OR I should use Brave Wallet (prefer extensions).

Also I read here that Open Sea will fully implement Solana in the near future. Can I still use Brave wallet after that?

Secondly the same thing goes to Sorare football. I have an account there, but yet no wallet. Can I connect Brave wallet with same way described in the Brave Community article?

Also I am living in area where gemini nor uphold is supported. In fact I found a page showing the countries supported. I got amazed that there are so little supported countries. When can we expect to transfer the BATs we earned to brave wallet? Or at least is there an option to transfer my BATs right now :thinking: I am living in Bulgaria.

Thank you very much for taking time to answer my questions :slight_smile:

@sasho9522 You can follow the link that you posted to connect to Opeansea. Brave Wallet (prefer extensions) will prioritise a wallet extension, if you have have installed one, other than the Brave Wallet.

Brave Wallet option will prompt to connect exclusively using Brave Wallet even if you have other extensions installed.

Brave Wallet now has Solana Dapp support. But some Solana Dapps may not offer Brave as an option to connect. But I’m sure either Brave or Opeansea will make changes to adopt in future when it’s available. So you should be able to connect later.

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Ah I see. I dont have any other wallet extension installed, so I should use Brave Wallet and I am good to go, right? As for sorare I guess its not so popular here, but I will try the steps like connecting to opensea.

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