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Hello Brave community

I would like to provide information following the French translation.

I saw that you use the so-called “inclusive” writing, that appeals to me because there is currently a lot of debate around it (for example this current law / dyn / 15 / texte / l15b3922_proposition-loi) or a text from the French Academy which warns of the potential dangers of this way of writing -francaise-on-so-called-inclusive-writing

What really bothers me is that it is ultimately a so-called “woke” ideology, I have also stopped Firefox following their ideals of this order, I would like to know what it is was on your part, if you endorse all that is woke etc …

This writing has nothing to do in the French language, not content to distort it, it is above all a political act, and that is what bothers me.

PS : I would like to let you know that there was already questions about it Unconventional language in Brave French translation - #3 by fmarier

And the “Avez-vous fait un petit don à votre créateur·rice de contenu préféré·e aujourd’hui ?” would become “Avez-vous fait un don à votre créateur de contenu préféré aujourd’hui ?”

Thank you



Inclusive writing” has by no mean become the usage nor the rule. Basically, how the donation page of Brave browser is written is based on the premise that French grammar is sexist and has been made that way to make women invisible.


The English word creator will be translated into créateur for the masculine form and créatrice in feminine ; when it is gender neutral, the rule is to use the gender neutral form, which is créateur too. A recent political proposition coming from the far-left is to replace gender neutral form by showing both gendered forms appendices in one go : créateur·rice.

It’s barely readable for a native speaker and completely impossible to understand for a person suffering from dyslexia or a blind person.


Its insertion in Brave is a purely opportunistic political move from the French translator.

If Brave aims to be politically neutral, or at least use formal and understandable language registry, this should be replaced with the proposition made by the OP.

PS: A centrist alternative could be the use of the plural form: “Avez-vous fait un petit don à vos créateurs de contenu préférés aujourd’hui ?”


This guy’s right on all counts.


This ↑

I really don’t want Brave to fall down that rabbit’s hole


Stop that inclusive writing thing, it has no place here other than to hurt French people for the sake of political correctness.


Yes I left Mozilla for these reasons and I will leave Brave if they take the same bad way.


Hi, it’s totally true, i have myself be victimised by this horror !

Who dare write with a so ugly french ?

Use the true french we are not here to being hurt by our web browser, it is shameful ans outrageous !

I am really hurt by this. You deny my freedom of reading good and not politised french.

I hope a fast change or I will look for an other web browser.


I totally agree

This horror of “ecriture inclusive” is impossible to read if you are dyslexic, the only reason of his existence is politic, but i just want a web browser that i can read, i don’t care about politics


There a rules in the language and a minority is trying to force us to use this “inclusive” , but in fact most people don’t want it because it’s 100% useless.

This is not french, this is woke bullshit based on nothing.

Moreover this “inclusive” writing excludes people because it is harder to read for most people, and even impossible for some people with dyslexia.

This isn’t even recognized by anyone except “the wokes”.

I recently left mozilla and chrome to use brave, and am really happy about it so far, but this kind of thing makes me think to change again


I second this. This language is only used by the far-left and is heavily contested by almost everyone. It has no place in Brave.

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It seems you totally do not care ?

@MakeBr4veFreeAgain I saw that the affair was ported to Twitter and maybe something will be done (can’t be sure of that), but maybe the forum is kind of “left aside”, idk but I hope the message has passed

I least you are here to do their jobs, so… thanks for me, but thanks again much for them.

Some explanation for the English speaking community:

Many languages - including French and German - have grammatical genders (also called a genus). Nouns are attributed with a gender. This genus or gender has nothing to do with the human gender. It is simply a grammatical form and determines how words will be used in a sentence. For English speakers this is a foreign concept and makes it difficult to learn languages like French or German.

The main point here is - again - grammatical gender or genus has nothing to do with the gender association of a person.

The closest example I can come up with in English would be the noun actor. If you are writing about actors in Hollywood it is clear you are not referring to actors alone but also to actresses. If you specifically referring to female actors you might use the word actress or actresses. But you would only do this if you specifically talk about female actors.

People who mistake grammatical gender with the gender of a person simply should do primary school all over again.


Believe me, the “woke” BS is WORSE in English, particularly in the U.S., because the “woke” crowd here isn’t content with just two genders.


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