Questions abount affiliate program / referrals + about translations?

Hello. I have a question about the command program.

I would like to start recommending Brave to other friends of mine. I think I know a lot of people I could introduce to Brave. I would like to ask if there is a chance to increase the individual rate due to the fact that I am able to invite a large group of people? Currently there is $ 2 per person from Poland - and Poles are my recipients). Can I write somewhere on a business matter?

I also have a question whether the condition for receiving remuneration for a recommended person is to verify it? Does the referred person need to verify (KYC) or is it enough that he uses the browser actively for 30 days?

And is there something like translating pages into another language in the Brave browser? Something like Google Chrome, for example?

It would follow the groups.

This one :point_up:

You can enable it under brave://settings/languages.

Then, Brave will asking you to install “G Translate” extension for this functionality.

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