Question with Brave Publishers Statements

Hey, I was looking my statements in my Publisher Page, but I saw this:

It’s a statement where it says 136 BAT, but how do I earned this BAT? I have 2 websites there and in one says 136 BAT, and I don’t think somebody donated me 136 BAT, I just want to know if they will pay me that 136 BAT or it just keep there? Thanks!

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Seems like it’s a direct user tips.

Direct tips mean when the tippers (is that the correct term?) have an Uphold account connected to their brave:rewards wallet. And when they tipping a verified creators, those tips will be directly deposited to your Uphold account under “yourchannelname” card.

You’ll not received it again because it’s already deposited on your Uphold account.

Hey, I haven’t received anything in my Uphold Account recently (except brave ads and 60 BAT from @BravePublisher), is there a way to claim that BAT? I also have more here:

@Hecbert4258 this one :point_up:
Direct tips will be directly deposited to your Uphold.

If you see your Uphold account activity, you’ll see Uphold member sent you _x amount_.

At this moment I don’t see anything of that, look:

It’s deposited at the time it’s tipped. :point_up: So you’ll need to see older activities.

And you need to see your Uphold activity (on your dashboard), not a specific card activity @Hecbert4258.

Activities between April 1st-30th.

I’m seeing older activities but there’s nothing, I only received BAT this:

@BravePublisher: Around 100 BAT (from 2 months)

Uphold Member: Around 5 BAT

There are no more transactions from Brave, is that a bug?

I have the same issue that @Hecbert4258 is experiencing with the Publisher Statement. The Tips are not being deposited to the Uphold Account since last year November for my case. I have checked everywhere in my Uphold account and they are not reflecting in where in the transaction history. There only deposit I’m receiving in my Uphold Account is from Brave Ads which works perfectly fine and it always reflect on the Transaction history. This is aggravating

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