Question: Why are there two version of Brave for the Mac: "Brave Browser" and "Brave"


I’m totally confused as to why there are two versions of Brave for the Mac: Brave Browser (which I’m typing on right now) and Brave which I also have installed.

Brave has a nice sessions feature (which I miss when I’m on Brave Browser) but for some reason isn’t working properly with 1Password (which is a must have for me).

What is going on here and how am I supposed to explain this to newbies who I’m encouraging to use Brave?



Hi @brianoflondon,

Brave (old) is previous version of Brave that based on Chromium and used Muon (electron fork) for the UI. And Brave Browser is the new Brave with new architecture and using Chromium front-end.

This is part of a migration and development plan that announced a months ago. More

This migration is fixed many issues that exist in prev. version. And the old version will no longer receive support, bug fixes, etc.

Brave not yet reintroduce this feature for the new version. As it’s in early development, the team is actively working on it.

The new version just introduced a couple of weeks ago. And Brave just upgraded it’s user to the new version.

The new version is faster and now it’s support most extensions. So if you need 1Password, for now you can install it from Chrome Web Store.

Hope that can make it clear for you.
Let me know if you have another question.

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Thanks for the answer. I think I’d managed to figure most of that out but for search purposes it is important that it is here!


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