Question Regarding Private Window with TOR

Relatively new to the browser so apologies if this is a dumb question, but it seems like I am unable to log into websites when using a Private Window with TOR. Please note, I realize this (in theory) would compromise security, but for this specific use case I am more leveraging the TOR browser to access mundane pages that are blocked on my internet connection…i.e. Steam’s web-store. Is there a way to get around this hurdle, or is the TOR window, by design, unable to accommodate this. Sarkari Result Pnr Status

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I believe I responded to your thread on reddit:

Continuing from that conversation:

Thanks for the article link! As for sites, so far the big one is To be clear, using the Private Window with Tor allows me to access the site whereas I otherwise could not, but I am unable to log into my account. I also just tried with another relatively easy site (; same thing, I am unable to log in.

For context, Imgur is not blocked and I can log in when in a non-private or standard private window. I can also log into Steam’s site via cellular, so I feel confident the accounts are not the issue.

When you attempt to login to Steam, is this message displayed?

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