Question regarding brave stats

Hi team,
I would like to know that if I reset my laptop will brave stats will also be reset along with that or next time when I install brave it will comeback as it is?
Thank you.


it will get resetted sadly.I like to see large number there :laughing:


If you restore your computer, your information in brave and brave rewards will be restored, however you can perform a restore point and synchronization with other devices. For this you will have to generate a 40-word key or a QR code, choose the one that suits you best.
You can sync that code with any device you have with brave browser.
I hope I’ve helped.

i think the sync only works for bookmarks passwords etc not the statistics counter.

tambien puedes sincronizar en la seccion de brave rewards.

You can also sync in the brave rewards section.

it needs certain amount befire they get synced to the wallet of uphold…am i correct? because i dont use cryptos

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