Question application for information to recover earnings in a wallet

Hello everyone I have a problem with the Uphold Support, because I am in disocupation, then I will not activate the Uphold wallet.
I ask you if there is an alternative, to be able to recover the earnings of the BAT token?
i have if possible, with metamask, is how.
Thank you

@Pierelemiah there is nothing immediately available to you at this time. Brave is in the process of adding on chain payments which will allow people to earn without going through a custodial partner. You can read more about it at

Thank you Ninja, I await the notification

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Sounds good. Just be aware it might be a while. We’re probably speaking at least a few months, if not longer for everyone to have the option. Just know sometimes people expect results faster so like to emphasize it might be a long time and that patience will be needed.

OK, I read the link you gave me, I understand. thanks

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