Question about updating Brave in Slackware

Hi, I love Brave browser and managed to install it in Slackware from a slackbuild here:

Of course it’s version 0.58.21 which is a little out of date by 10 days, but when opening about brave page to try and get it to update itself it doesn’t update… How do you get Brave to update itself if it’s out of date like this? There’s no command to run in terminal to trigger it to update itself? Or do I have to wait until the slackbuild itself is updated in future each time? Thanks

Oh, also there’s no release archives anymore like RPM, DEB, ZIP archives to download to create a new slackbuild for it? Only release files are DEV and BETA channels?

You can find all release channel binaries on our GitHub page you linked to above.
Also, 0.58.21 is the most up to date release right now (on release channel that is).

Oh okay, I assumed there was a more updated version of Brave Stable… I thought it was up to 58.22 or 58.23 or some such. Lol! So when Brave Stable gets updated again, not sure when, then the slackbuild version I have installed will automatically update? Running “slackpkg update / upgrade-all” command or just opening Brave browser “about page” will do it?

Or maybe I’ll create slackbuild for Brave Beta and have the updates right in there then, rather than have Stable itself… Hmm. Thanks Mattches.

Given that the Slackware/build you’re using is Community driven I can’t answer that question confidently (since we don’t maintain it).

You can always update Brave using your terminal with these instructions:

Ah okay, so basically every time I’d want to update Brave in Slackware, I’d have to wait on new slackbuild versions of it. And if users want to keep brave updated by terminal, they’ll need to install/use a Ubuntu (Debian based distros) or Fedora (Fedora based distros) only? Cause there’s no instructions over there about updating Brave automatically in Arch, Slackware, Obarun, Gentoo, etc… It’s not like updating Brave in Windows OS, where you just open Brave “about page” and it automatically updates. In linux, Brave is only updated via terminal if you’re using Debian or RHEL distros. All other linux distros aren’t supported per se, unless you find a way to install /convert DEB, RPM, PKG, files into working files for the distro you’re using… and update it. Or download the ZIP archives and extract it in directories where you want it… and launch it.

Correct - as it is right now, there’s now way to auto-update Brave on Linux. You’ll have to update from the terminal. Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re currently working on additional Arch Linux support as well.

Oh okay, thanks Mattches! I guess it’s up to me now to figure out which linux distro I like more and go with it and then pick a distro that’s friendly for Brave. You guys are doing great work with Brave. It would be nice if all distros made Brave a default browser in their distro lol.

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