Question about tipping people


Sent a test-tip to myself, how can I see if it has been received


Hi @arantuil,

Usually it take a days (~7-10days) before it’s appears on your dashboard. Or maybe it’ll updated once a month.


Can somebody post the specific links of the issues surrounding money which is sent via ‘Auto-Contribute’ and ‘Tips’. Thanks.

The things I’d actually like to know:

  1. Are all ‘Auto-Contribution’ dates the same for every user of Brave (cross-platform) internationally?
  2. Say for example if the ‘Auto-Contribution’ date is always the 1st of every month and a user has 20 BATs to be contributed to just one publisher, would the payment be received sooner by the publisher if it was sent via ‘Auto-Contribute’ on the 1st or if 20 BATs were tipped to that publisher on the 1st?
  3. Can a Tip be removed? I’m not being stingy, it’s just that I once wanted to get rid of the grant BATs which were soon to expire so I basically went to the main channel page of a YT channel and tipped but rather than going to that publisher of that channel, it went to YT instead.
  4. I imagine Brave will at some point stop giving away BATs but just out of curiosity, if the current grant expires on the 15/04/19, when is the last date a user should get rid of the BATs so to speak because I made several Tips before on a previous grant, which was before the expiry date and a message a little while afterwards seemed to indicate that those BATs won’t be sent? Sorry I don’t remember the exact dialogue but here are the following dates. I think a couple went through but I don’t know which ones didn’t go through:
One time
02/01/2019 - 10.0 BAT 1.23 USD
One time
03/01/2019 - 10.0 BAT 1.23 USD
One time
06/01/2019 - 10.0 BAT 1.23 USD
One time
09/01/2019 - 10.0 BAT 1.23 USD

Hi @Numpty

  1. It’s different for each users. Because wallet creation is also different.

  2. For tip and Auto-contribution, its same. It take 7-10 days before it reflected on your publisher dashboard.

cc @Asad for correction and for help regarding 3 and 4.


Tips can’t be removed, I’m afraid.

You can send them right up to the expiration date, they’ll still come through even if they are toward the end of their “shelf life”.

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