Question about password manager

Hi all.
Help with this question: how to remove some domains from the login/password - domain combination in a password manager. (screenshot)

The problem is that there are many subdomains on one domain. They have an authorization server and, accordingly, the login/password combination is the same. The password manager combines them into one entry. (screenshot above)

But for example, on one of the subdomains we switched to another authorization server, and there was a new password, but the same login. How can I remove it from the old link in order to create a new one? If I edit password on login form and click “update” button in password save prompt, the password for the entire changes. But it is necessary only in one specific subdomain.

When I try to create a new entry manually, I get an error that the domain-login link already exists

Question: How can I edit an entry in the password manager so as to remove only some domains from the login/password entry?