Question about maximum brave wallet that can be connected to uphold wallet

Hi, I had 3 profiles connected to uphold account but I resetted 2 of them and verified wallets are gone. So my question is that does that mean I can connect 2 more profiles to uphold or is this verified wallet a permanent thing and even though I delete my profiles I can’t connect other profiles now?

Good question, I’d like to know similar myself.

So far there’s only possible to link 4 wallets to uphold, and as far as I know there’s no way to remove linked wallets, I think was the people at uphold that put those limits.

I hope they allow us more flexibility in the future.

Since you connected 3 profiles on your wallet this means you only have 1 available slot to use.

When you reset your wallet, your profil will no longer be defined as verified, though, you can’t use them. This is why i asked about it.

At this time, if a slot is used by a profile/wallet then it remains used. While we’re considering additional options for users, right now slots are used up regardless if profile exists or not.

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