Question about how to ask a question

The support forum says something to the effect that one liners will not be responded to. It then asks for the information which is needed to document a bug or other malfunction. That is fine and I understand the need for that information. My question is… how/where do I submit a support QUESTION? I am looking for a way to relocate my profile files such as I can do in the Firefox profiles.ini file. This is not a malfunction so there are no steps to reproduce, how often does it occur, expected results etc. which are asked for on the support forum. Can someone tell me where I should ask my question???



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It appears that the community is not user centric. There is seemingly no way to place a question in the forum for guidance or direction.


Why does Brave always keep asking me if I want to make Yahoo my homepage when it already is? Also, no matter how many times I continue to make Yahoo my homepage, Brave still keeps asking me the same thing over and over. How can I get rid of the continuous requests as it has been about two years now and still no end?

If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

To ask for support you should raise a support ticket using the link below.

In the past this community was used to ask for support. But that made it very difficult to filter and manage support calls.

Please, raise your own post. Your comment is unrelated to the topic of this post.

Could you let me know how I may do that? I don’t see anywhere where you can just ask a question.

I arrived here by asking how to ask a question. Long ago I tried Brave and wanted to add a separate search bar. It was astonishing to see every similar query answered with “You don’t want or need one.” I uninstalled Brave after realizing that users must comply with what is offered, and no customization is possible to the search bar or to the toolbar. Here, years, later, the same old-fashioned attitude of “Stop being an individual. Comply.” Well, on to the uninstallation of Brave, which still hasn’t grown up.

I can’t figure it out either. There’s so much going on in the front page and no obvious place to submit questions. Real frustrating. Cheers man!

Closed due to age and idea that no real conversation taking place here. If you need help, please do create a topic. I’d also advise you check out PSA: Current FAQ as I have included a lot of information on common issues and provide some advice on how to create topics and get assistance.