Question about COVID affecting BAT value

Hello, unfortunately value of 1 BAT is dropped to 0.11$ from 0.24$ in several days.
My question is: Will we be paid according to the exact moment’s value of BAT (For example, if my customer confirms 30 day activity today, it should be 7.5$=BATx0.11) am I right? or is there any mark points like start of the month or something and rates are reflected to that?

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This one :point_up:
The BAT you’ll get is following BAT price at that time it’s confirmed.


Hi Elvenessa, The COVID has affected all markets, Gold , silver and yes even BAT and yes it is not nice to see your account value tumble. But as all market correct they also go up. The great opportunity we have here is to be able to earn for just surfing the web which is a wonderful thing supplied to us by a great community. I have attached a couple of charts for you to look at. We got our BAT for just surfing the net. Check out the Gold chart. There are people who paid hard earned money to be apart of that movement :slight_smile: Just take deep breaths and enjoy life. if you get paid 1 BAT or 10 who cares. When it hits 50 cents again we will all be selling,

Payments are Peg with Dollars. so BAT current price doesnt matter.

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