Question about brave v0.25

Hello, My brave version is 0.25 and i have 25 BAT´s on my wallet, my question is what will happen if i send a contribution to my fav publishers? will i lose my bats?
if i want to contribute i must update my brave?


Hi @Jolucoli,

First, Brave 0.25.x is an old version that has been replaced by the new Brave 0.59.x.

You should be asked to upgrade from 0.25.x to 0.59.x. If you not get the notification upgrade, you can download the new version from

You don’t need to uninstall the old version. You can run it in parallel then import your browser data from prev. Brave to avoid data lost.

More about importing data

You also can migrate your wallet

I’m not sure what did you mean ny “lose your BAT”.


Hi @eljuno thanks for your fast reply, what i want to know is what happen if i send a contribution from my old brave version 0.25, will the contribution reach the publisher? or maybe because it is sended from and older version of brave it will never reach the publisher?


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Ah got it! I believe it’s still processed. But let me cc @sriram @Asad @Mattches in case they know about this.

You should use the most recent version of Brave available if you want to be sure that your contributions go through. I can’t guarantee the contributions will work alright with older versions and they aren’t officially supported anymore. There was a huge leap from 0.25.x forward!

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