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Hello guys,

first all - great browser! Bravo! Keep on the good work.

Now my question is if I can use the browser on facebook without installing the FB messanger. I really do not like all the FB apps. It will be great i you guys tell me how to disable this feature( it directs me always to google play and I am not able to use it without the messenger).

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Could you please provide additional information as per the guidelines?



Hallo Lauren,

thanks for the support.

I aappologize for the incorrect post.

Here is the required information

  1. My Phone is Huawei Honor 7
  2. Android 6.0
  3. Brave 1.0.21
  4. When I open facebook thhrough the Brave browser and I try to open the messages it redirects me automatically to google play and requires messanger(the app) in order to get the message opened and red.

I will appreciate your advises.

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I just want to be able to read my messages through the Brave browser, without installing the messenger

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Thanks for the information @Muuny. Could you try in a different browser (Chrome maybe?) and let me know if you see the same results?


You are welcome.

I just have tried with chrome and unfortunately the result is the same. I used to use Mozilla and i didnt have such a problem with it. Is there a way I can disable this “suggestion”?

Thanks in advance.




Hi @Muuny -

If you open the menu and select the checkbox for ‘Request Desktop Site’, the Google Play Store doesn’t display.

Also I logged an issue which you can track here:


Thanks a lot Lauren.

Switching to desktop website is not a good solution (you have to zoom, its not easy to type)

Hope the devs will find a solution soon.



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