Que pasa en brave

No recibí mis pagos de marzo y las publicidades o ads no están llegando que es lo que sucede???

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Hi, @javiluquez, you will need to give more details so someone can help you. What is your OS, browser version? Are you a Creator? Do you have a verified Uphold account? …

Are you using a VPN?


Mi cuenta uphold está verificada, mi versión es v 1.22.72 si soy creador y no he recibido pagos y si estoy usando vpn

Thank you, @javiluquez, please go here:

…read it carefully, and follow the instructions. Send your information, and your details (including that you use a VPN) in a private message to @steeven, by clicking on his name and then ‘Message’.

Hi, @javiluquez, a new update was just release. Make sure you update, it may help…

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