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Do PWAs and web apps (through “create shortcut”) on desktop open in a different session than the main browser? Do they share cookies? Put another way, could I login into Gmail account 1 in the main browser and create a web app to log into Gmail account 2 without the accounts “seeing” each other?

Thank you.

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From what I can tell, an ‘app’ spawned from a session will share a session with the main browser window(s).

I say this because when I close a session, and re-open it, the ‘app’ windows are also restored; and further, I created a Google Calendar ‘app’ window from an open GMail tab and did not have to log into Google separately.

Based on this I think it’s shared with the parent window. But, you could always create another profile and spawn an app from there if you did want to separate it.

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This is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you very much.

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I want to follow up with an update and additional information in case it is helpful for others finding this post.

I originally posted this question because I am switching over from Firefox and had to find a solution for losing the Multi-Account Containers add-on. Thank you to @JimB1, I followed the below steps to implement what is effectively a Multi-Account Containers replacement on Mac OS.

  1. Create a new profile for each “container”, customizing the extensions for each profile use case.
  2. Create web apps in the various profiles where they belong (ex: create an Amazon[.]com web app in the Amazon profile).
  3. Download a matching Mac OS Big Sur icon at for the web app and replace it with the downloaded icon (web app icons do not look cohesive with the style of Big Sur).

I did this for all of my containers and things seem to be working well. I use one profile for my main browsing habits and then the additional profiles are only used to isolate the various web apps that I created.

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