Put focus on the address bar when opening a new tab


Whenever you open a new tab you have to select the address bar (or use CMD + L) to start typing a new address or search. Having the focus on the address bar would save time.


Remove focus from the address bar when opening link in new tab
Cursor Focus to URL Bar in New Tabs

Hello, the issue will be solved in the next release.




Great stuff! Congratulations on the amazing work!



I don’t think that this issue was solved. Have to move mouse over address bar in a new tab still.
Any updates on that?

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Hi, echoing Pashlik’s recent feedback, this still isn’t working for me on latest release.

On New Tab, focus does not automatically shift to the Address Bar (and ideally, it would auto-select whatever text was already in there, so I could just enter new site address without manually needing to delete).

Thanks a lot, and I love the app! :slight_smile:



Hmm…it does work for me on the latest version, so it must be something broken.

Would you please share the information to troubleshoot, following the guide here?

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Thanks in advance!



Hi! It confused me too until I realized what was happening. I have Brave set up to give me my Home Page (a custom page full of frequently used links for navigation) when a new Tab is opened. So, when I open a new Tab, the focus does not automatically go to the address bar (which I wish it still did) – it just stays wherever it was before I hit new tab, I guess.

If I change my New Tab page to be dashboard or something else, the focus goes to the address bar as expected. I wish it went to address bar in all cases, but maybe there’s some scenario I’m missing.



Agree with @brucery. The focus is on URL bar only when new tab is set to Dashboard or a blank tab. Homepage or search engine doesn’t put focus on the URL. I feel this is expected behavior. Setting focus to URL bar doesn’t make sense when you have set the home page(local file or sites)/search engine to open in a new tab.

cc: @clifton for thoughts


Cursor Focus to URL Bar in New Tabs

I don’t know how representative I am of users in general, but for me, even with a custom new tab page, it makes sense to put the focus on the Address Bar/URL. My reason is that my custom new tab page is just my own customized version of the Dashboard – I have a bunch of links to sites I use often. I’d have to click to choose any one of those links, but by putting the focus on the Address Bar/URL, I can open a new tab with a keyboard shortcut and just keep typing (no need to take hands off the keyboard and use mouse to reposition focus back to the Address Bar/URL.

When other people create a custom page that opens for New Tab, what are they doing that makes sense to not have focus in the Address Bar?



Hi all,

Something totally related with this new tab issue, and something really annoying IMHO is this sequence:

  1. Hit Ctrl/Cmd + T to open a new tab
  2. New tab opens and start to loads the page I set up as home page (eg. Reddit)
  3. So I focus on the address bar and start typing another URL (eg. Twitter)
  4. When home page is actually loading into the screen the address bar that is halfway there into Twitter URL (I’m still typing, eg. twitt)… and booom! Brave replaces whatever I typed with reddit.com (the URL of my home page)



Just adding to my previous post: the same doesn’t happen with new windows (Ctrl/Cmd + N)…



The Problem is still there and really annoying.



Curiously enough it was gone for some builds and now is back…



A related problem (IMHO) is that when the user opens new tabs from links in a current page, when they shift to that tab and start reading, the caret is in the address bar, even though the bar is not active, and so pressing space to continue reading/scroll down tries to type a space in a new address…

Desired behavior: if the user opens a link as a new tab, shift the focus to the page, so that space works to scroll down



I’m with timb, is it possible to force focus on the page and not the address bar when switching tabs or auto switching to tabs after closing?

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I switched from Brave to Vivaldi, only because of this annoying problem. I need to manually click on the address bar to type an address after opening a new tab. This is a simple, but important ask. Hope someone from the product team is reading this thread.

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