Pushbullet doesn't work as it should


I use Pushbullet chrome extension in Brave 0.57.8 Chromium: 71.0.3578.53, beta (64 bit).

It doesn’t work as it should.
It doesn’t send/receive messages (text, links and files).

It have been installed normally. Settings seen to be OK.
But if I send something to my devices, nothing is happened. Also it can’t receive anything back.

This behavior has place in Brave stable (last version) too.


It could be due to 3rd party cookie being blocked. There is a fix put in place which should be available in the next release. Could you wait and check once the next release is out and confirm that it works?


Of course.
Waiting for next release.
I guess it would be Beta?


This issue will likely get resolved with this:

So @sriram is right, likely next release. Pushbullet seems to be working on my end right now but I haven’t set everything up yet.