Push notification ads not comming etc

**Not receiving push notification ads as earlier I was getting 5-8 ads in hour although my brave reward settings is set to 10max /hour

And mostly brave news ads contribution are not updated , I only see brave news but their contribution doesn’t count.
E.g :- if I see 1st ad then rewards doesn’t update, then I see 2nd ad then also doesn’t change but when view 3rd then get reward but then again see 4,5th no contribution. And eventually ads end. I have tried clicking on the Bat triangle on the brave news ad but that also don’t show contribution at the same time.

Android 8.1 brave:- 1.64.113

**Who is your verified custodian-- Zebpay

I m in a supported region india

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Those are maximum amount of ads per hour, not minimum. We can go hours or days with no push notifications. It all matters on how many ad campaigns are in the region, if they are paying to be shown on your OS, and if you have met the view limits. Each ad campaign has a limit to how many times you can see their ads per day/week/month/total. You can check the status of various campaigns at https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

To give you an example of what they look like and how to understand it:

If you look at the one above, you’ll notice:

  • On the top left it shows the ad campaign started on February 26.
  • On the top right, it shows that it ends on April 9.
  • Underneath date on top right, you see OSes. The icons here are for Windows and Linux. So that means this wouldn’t show on Android.
  • To the left of that, in the center, is View Limits. 2 / — / — / 7. This means you can see a maximum of 2 ads per day from that campaign, and no more than 7 ads in total. Obviously it would be very easy to see the 7 ads and then no longer get to view ads from that campaign.
  • To the left of that is how many ads are in the campaign (2 in this one)
  • Left of that is how much BAT we get for seeing ads from that campaign (0.025 BAT)
  • Below those are what the ads look like. Top right of the little boxes you’ll either see PN for push notification, SI for Sponsored Image (New Tab Page) ads, or IC for Inline Content (Brave News) which lets us know how we would see the ad.

So you may want to look through everything and see if there are many active campaigns that should show for Android in your area. Then also look at view limits and then they started. Could it be possible you hit the limits or are close to it?

Brave News ads are something I’m not too sure of how they work, if they honor the idea of not showing the ads after the view limit. I’m assuming they do, but my hesitancy is because they will show Brave News ads even if you have Rewards disabled. It still could potentially be that you hit view limits and therefore aren’t earning for seeing them, even if they are still showing. Again, I just am mentioning this in part because I don’t know the answer and just sharing a possibility.

Also I want to make sure you realize that the number for ads seen doesn’t always increase immediately. Sometimes there are some small delays of a few minutes or so.

Thanx for your reply…:v:

But the problem is persisting in Brave News I don’t know how to solve that out.

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