Purple distortion on pictures in Private Window

When using Private Window I get purple distortion on some images (see screenshot).

  1. Open new Private Window.
  2. Load image. E.g. https://unsplash.com/photos/6VPEOdpFNAs (worse when maximised).

This does not happen when using Chrome (normal or Private) or Brave in a normal window. I can recreate this on Linux also.

Version 1.24.86

Hey davemint,

Can you disable hardware acceleration and see what happens?


Just checked. No difference after turning Hardware Acceleration off in settings (looks to all be off via brave://gpu/ too).

Can you try making a new profile, and then opening up a private window in that new profile? Since the settings/extensions will be set to default, that might give me some insight on this.

Creating a new profile fixes this. Thanks!

I tried disabling all addons from Private and the issue was still there on the old profile so it seems to be a setting. I went into brave://flags/ and reset that and the still persisted. Also copying all the settings from the menus into the new profile didn’t recreate the issue. Not sure what is causing it.

Is there a way to compare all the settings for the profiles? Just curious to the cause of the issue.

Assuming it is in the settings of the browser itself, the best you could do is comparing and contrasting the two profiles side-by-side, unfortunately. This is certainly a strangely specific issue.

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