PureVpn extension

Can brave team add PureVpn extension? It’s a cheap and effective vpn.

this is the link

Hello @aquasp
You might wanna add a thought on this thread as its only focused on adding VPN based extensions :

Hi @aquasp When I originally created the topic I wanted to reduce the effort that the team may take upon implementing such solutions so I took it upon myself to report and list arguably the most trustworthy solutions available in terms of security but also privacy.

This is what a member of the team previously said, 'Nothing has been particularly decided on what will not be implemented, it’s really just a function of priority vs user signal & time/resources available.

In enabling a particular extension, there is some checking to make sure it doesn’t compromise user security or privacy.’

Up until recently I had PureVPN listed but (personally) removed it following an article incidentally which the above user reported, here exactly VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave

This does not mean it wont be implemented as the member did mention ‘it’s really just a function of priority vs user signal’ so you may get your way. I just figured I’ll help some of the team in case implementing one solution could prove detrimental.

@aquasp it would be interesting to here your thoughts about it afterwards because @BOB-vagene and I once got in a friendly argument about a similar circumstance. The fact that for many users such solutions will just simply perform effectively enough for their needs. Even though there’s a consensus between us that privacy is the be all and end all, what’s your perception after reading one of those articles. Will you chuck PureVPN for another in the list?

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