Pulled the Plug on Brave over lack of support and lack of communication

I caught wind of Brave two weeks ago and thought it was a brilliant idea. I want to support websites in a way that’s less intrusive and far less invasive. I thought Brave was the browser for me. I did panic when I saw it was built on Chromium, but the Brave Team put my mind at ease.

Sadly, that’s when the frustration began. I installed Brave to my Mac, iPhone, Windows, Debian Buster … HALT … back up Buster … well it seemed I could only get a deprecated version which would never receive updates. The instructions either came from Brave or this Community.

After DAYS of Linux FOOkery, I couldn’t get installed unless I compiled it myself, but then it would never receive an update.

I finally gave up.

I wanted to send this to a support team, but it only lands you here so here it will get reported.

I uninstalled it from every device.

When you can support, with instructions which work, for Debian Buster. I will likely install again. This is a beast of a browser and took a load off my mind, but I need consistency across my devices.

Sadly Brave doesn’t provide this, and from the instructions I have read it won’t be providing this anytime soon.

It’s my recommendation that Brave take cross platform off it’s title or at least admit it works on SOME distros and your mileage may vary.

The funny thing is, I spent probably 96 hours this week working on trying to get brave running in a non-deprecated state. Why this is funny, is I am attempting to install a browser so the sites get something back for their work without slamming me in the face with ads. Who pays me for my hard work trying to get your browser to work so they get paid.


So, i can’t support a community supported app, where the developers either don’t communicate with the community about Debian.

I went to GIT and looked into this, and people have been asking for years and everyone has some sort of kludgey workaround that works for them, but you will ALWAYS have a banner telling you that your browser is out of date and can’t be updated.

So I pulled all my support. I hope it comes back, but there’s another browser that stops trackers and what have you without the headache.

I find it funnier that a privacy based browser requires an account to report feedback.

Oh well. I look forward to Brave being the browser they sold me on, but I can’t hold my breath for it.

@TFoolery did you follow steps mentioned here https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018666072-How-do-I-install-Brave-on-Linux-using-the-terminal- to install Brave on Linux? It’s same with the instructions that you get when you visit brave.com/download