Publishing platforms supported by Brave?


Hi i only discovered Brave today. I want to know how i can utilize Brave as a content creator to earn BAT.

Looking at the documentation it seems there are only two ways: if you have your own hosted website or if you are a YouTube creator? Is that right?

What if i have a blog on, or if i create content on platforms like Tumblr or create content for a devblog on Is there any way i can utilize Brave while creating content on those platforms? Or is it purely restricted to hosting my own site or publishing on YouTube?


Blogspot sayfamı doğrulatamıyorum

Hi @lukasinspace,

Yes, for now supported platforms is self-hosted website, YouTube and Twitch channel. Twitter and Reddit tipping is in the works.

The team also explore more platforms. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the response @eljuno. Support for Twitter would be cool!

Im interested to know what other platforms the Brave team is exploring? Can you share? Or can you link me to information about which platforms Brave may explore in future if its already been discussed elsewhere?



Anywhere you can set a DNS record is generally something supported by the Rewards system. For example, a self-hosted Blogger site would work in this way, even though a site likely would not.

We don’t have a published list of supported platforms AFAIK. Youtube, Twitch, and Wordpress certainly are working great though :slight_smile: Are there are any specific platforms you’d like to see?


Hi @Asad thanks for your response. Ill also post your response from another thread below, to keep all info in one place:

You asked if i was interested in any specific platform being supported. The website would be useful. Gamedevs can use itch to distribute their games and publish devblogs to promote their upcoming titles to the community. We can publish playable demos of our games to get feedback and give a taste of how our games will play.
Would it be possible to support So game devs can receive payments / tips if people play our demos or follow our devblogs?

As of Jan 2018 says allowing custom domains is not a high priority due to complexity. And they recommend:

So would it be possible to make use of Brave and BAT using a redirect as they mention?


@Asad Could be supported by Brave?


I LOVE – awesome suggestion and we’ll add it to the list!

I’m not sure if an HTTP redirect would work – there’s a good chance the browser wouldn’t detect this. It’s worth a try though. Let us know if you get it to work!

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