Publishing and Revenue from Amazon Alexa/Google Smart Speakers?

Is it possible to adapt your system to work with something like an Amazon Alexa or Google Voice smart speaker? That is, if an app on one of those systems made calls to a website (as a backend), could your system capture the usage and eventually pay for the content?

cc @luke.mulks @alex on this. :slight_smile:

It’s a neat idea for sure, but pretty divergent from a web browser as we know it.

It would require a whole new project. I’m not sure what, if anything could be reused from our current codebases to make system like that.

Even so, something like 1/5th of Americans have one of those devices in their home so that’s certainly a good market. :smiley:


I guess if you’re system had an API of some kind, the backend could ping it?
My Alexa “skill” (that’s an app) makes requests from a WordPress website for its data, so that website is getting hits from Alexa for content. And, the hits do have Amazon ID’s attached to them, so we could identify unique users (I believe).
No way to hook it all up? I hate advertising, and I’d love a way to handle micropayments for delivering news.

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