[email protected] STOP STEALING MY BAT

[email protected] keeps stealing my BAT. I have checked all of my browsers and none of them have autocontribute enabled. I have emailed [email protected] and [email protected], and [email protected] and they respond with a canned response and do nothing to disable contributions. I don’t want to contribute to any entity unless I initiate it.
It is a simple request, STOP STEALING MY BAT!

This is outright theft!

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Auto-contribute is on by default and whenever you connect a profile to Uphold.

Support cannot disabled contributions on your devices. This must be done by you. All profiles have auto-contribute enabled by default. You must turn it off for each device that’s been connected.

If you are still seeing auto-contribute, than there is a profile connected to your account that has it enabled. Thanks!

Thanks for your input @Evan123. This is what Brave has said in every email I have corresponded with them too. However, Auto-Contribute is off in all of my browsers.

I have asked Brave if there is a way to see any outstanding profiles that are connect to my account, but have never gotten an answer.

I have used Brave for many years, I fully understand that there may be an old profile, but shouldn’t it be sync’d to my account, and if so, how do I find it and disable it? Brave has been of no help in this regard.

Do you have an open ticket with us? Thanks

Also check your other user profiles, not just other browsers. Often, people forget other user profiles in the same browser. Hope that helps.

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